The Hazards of Traffic Stops

Policing traffic stops have been conducted the same way for over a century. This outdated way of performing traffic stops comes with multiple dangers for both police officers and the public. When conducting a traffic stop, police officers are walking into a situation with limited information, lack of surveillance, and uncertainty. This lack of information in a high stress situation can cause disastrous and even deadly consequences. 

To help mitigate the risks when conducting traffic stops, Bicoastal Laboratories has created an autonomous drone to conduct the entire process. This drone will help to provide police officers with more information and surveillance and ultimately make traffic stops safer for both police officers and the public. The Bicoastal drone uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques applied to autonomous navigation and situational awareness, supported by custom communication techniques with high speed data sharing. It is time for a safer traffic stop. 


Learn more about how the Bicoastal Laboratories drone works at the link below:

The Bicoastal Drone